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ORU is a private global lifestyle and social sharing network, offering numerous free and premium benefits to its members around the world. Benefits include but are not limited to the ORU Visa® Card, ORU TRAVEL,  ORU Pay, ORU Social, ORU Mail, ORU Channel and ORU Protocol. By participating and sharing ORU with others, members earn rewards instantanously.

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Weekly distribution of ORU Universal Basic Income

Become a Premium Member and receive ORU Universal Basic Income each Saturday. A guaranteed payment to help you get ahead and be rewarded.



Download the ORUMARKET App for Free.  Check your ORU credit points and Money balance instantly. Use Smartphone ORUPay for payments anywhere in the world without paying any fees.  Use the ORU Discount Scan to provide discounts to your loyal customers.  Then use ORUChat to stay in touch with all members in a secure and quick way.  The ORUMARKET App, all your rewards, discounts, transactions and communications safely stored in one simple-to-use App.  Available on the App Store and Google Play

Oru  Visa® Card

No credit check required to obtain the card. Start earning rewards right away.


Contact management (CRM) to share ORU with your friends and family. ORU Channel is included.


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Oru Social

Your ORU Social page. Chat with your friends, post pictures and videos and stay in touch.